Dancer, model, actress, international icon: Brigitte Bardot was all that.

She was launched to international stardom by playing a dangerously sensuous, liberated young vixen in "And God Created Woman" (1956). Move over, Marilyn — all of a sudden, the world had a new sex symbol.

Appearing in dozens of movies and later dedicating her life to animal rights activism, Bardot made good use of her time in the spotlight.

So take a look at some of our favorite pictures of France's ultimate sex kitten, and be pleasantly reminded of what the fuss was all about.


Young and free in 1953.


Still a brunette. That won't last long. 1955.


Brigitte Bardot and Pablo Picasso — unlikely BFFs... or maybe not. 1956.


The original caption for this picture claimed she had "the most celebrated curves in the world." Who am I to argue?1956.


Au revoir! May we tag along? 1957, en route from Paris to Madrid. 


"Anyone want to scrub my back?" (There were coulenteers.) 1958.


Winter chic. The temperature's rising. Circa 1958.


She stands out in a crowd. Definitely. 1959, Spain.


"Voulez-vous danser?" "Mais oui. 1959


Even a sex symbol's gotta eat. 1959


Oh my. 1960.


Play us a tune, Brigitte. 1961


Enjoying London, Ms. Bardot? Yes, we know — the food's terrible. 1963.


Enter the iconc headband. On the set of "Contempt", 1964.


She always adored sand and sun. Circa 1960s.


The spitting image of Charlie Chaplin. She's cuter, though. 1964.


Wanna play? 1965.



Welcome to Brigitte's St. Tropez Villa, La Madrague. We'll just stay a couple of days. 1965.


The hair, the makeup, the smile — the whole package! 1965.


Animal lover. Oh, to be that beagle... 1966.


Just a feather boa tonight. Is she overdressed? Circa late 1960s.


Bardot and Connery. Need we say more? 1968.


Bardot helped ban the hunting of baby seals in the arctic. Bravo! 1977.


Once a sex symbol, always a sex symbol. 1982.

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