What's it About

George and Marion Kirby (Grant and Bennett) seem to have it all: they're rich, attractive, and live the high life-that is, until they're killed when driving their roadster just a bit too fast. Now bona-fide ghosts, it seems the couple have one final errand to do before going to their eternal rest: help their stifled, hen-pecked banker Cosmo Topper (Roland Young) get more out of life - while he's still living!

Why We Love It

Uproarious comedy was yet another step to super-stardom for Cary Grant, who proves himself a gifted comic player as well as handsome leading man. Bennett (older sister of Joan) is the essence of high-toned style and beauty as wife Marion. Still the revelation is Young, who's a consistent delight as the put-upon Cosmo, a man who must cope not only with a rigid, controlling wife (Billie Burke), but a couple of goofy, upper crust specters who keep turning his well-ordered world upside down. A genuine screwball classic. Note: this DVD also includes the sequel "Topper Returns", which brings back Young (sans Grant and Bennett) and is good fun, though a tad contrived and not up to the first entry.

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Director Norman Z. McLeod