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The Mystery of Picasso Poster
Released Runtime Category
1956 85 Documentary, Foreign Language
Director Language
Henri-Georges Clouzot French
Pablo Picasso

The Mystery of Picasso

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What's it About

This unique documentary basically makes the movie screen the canvas on which the legendary Pablo Picasso paints and sketches, creating art before our very eyes. The various pieces he crafts here exist only on film, as they were destroyed (on purpose) after shooting. Though the enigmatic Picasso and filmmaker Clouzot share some banter during transitions from one work to the next, this film is mainly concerned with actually showing the process of creating art, not talking about it — and that key distinction makes all the difference.

Why we love it

A breathtaking visual experiment that pays off, "Mystery" is one of the most revealing films ever made on the creative process by which art gets made. Don'’t miss this stunningly original achievement from director Clouzot ("“Diabolique”," "“The Wages Of Fear”"), which garnered both the Palme d’'Or and Special Jury Prize at Cannes. It’'s a “"Mystery"” indeed why this brilliant documentary does not have a wider following!

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