The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

What's it About

Eastwood returns as "The Man With No Name" in this tale of three men's desperate hunt for a cache of confederate gold during the Civil War. These hombres are certainly not working together, even when they appear to be. Eastwood must contend with slimy bandit Tuco (Wallach), and more ominously, there's the killer Angel Eyes (Van Cleef) hot on the trail. Who'll find the gold first, and just as important, who'll get to keep it?

Why We Love It

Widely considered the best of Leone's western trilogy, "Good" has also been re-mastered to pristine glory, some footage re-inserted, and lines re-dubbed by Eastwood and Wallach. Yes, the film is long, but the three stars, Leone's magic camera, and that Morricone score will hold you hostage throughout. Wallach steals it as Tuco. A spaghetti western worth its weight in gold.

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Director Sergio Leone