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The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman Poster
Released Runtime Category
1974 110 Drama, Family
Director Language
John Korty English
Cicely Tyson, Michael Murphy, Richard A. Dysart, Odetta

The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman

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What's it About

Originally a TV movie, "Pittman" traces the life of the title character from a childhood in slavery all the way through to the civil-rights movement. The film begins in 1962 as an aged Pittman is visited in her Baton Rouge home by journalist Quentin Lerner (Murphy), who, vetting material for a book, prompts her recall of events both tragic and inspiring over a long and rich life.

Why we love it
The gifted Cicely Tyson is a marvel as Jane, gradually transforming from a young girl to a wizened but still-spirited lady of 100 years. A revealing history lesson and tribute to the sturdy spirit of one human being who endured through periods of vast change, this important and touching film feeds both brain and heart. Widely recognized as a creative milestone in television programming, "Pittman" makes for ideal family viewing.

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