What's it About

Seedy British boxing promoters Turkish (Statham) and Tommy (Graham) team up with Irish Gypsy pugilist Mickey (Pitt) to throw a fight organized by crazed mobster Brick Top (Alan Ford). Their paths eventually cross with Franky Four Fingers (Benicio del Toro), a Jewish gangster who's transporting a stolen 84-carat diamond to New York, and dangerous Russian hoodlum Boris the Blade (Rade Sherbedgia), for whom Franky's placed a bet on the fixed fight.

Why We Love It

Guy Ritchie's kinetic, ultra-stylish heist film is an amalgam of all the best caper films, rolled out with a punk attitude and bristling Cockney accent. The plot is outrageous but loads of fun (wait until a certain dog swallows a squeaky toy), and the ensemble cast-Statham, Graham, Del Toro, Ford, and Serbedzija - may not all be household names, but their cocky, fiercely funny performances will stay etched in your mind. Nearly stealing the show is Pitt, playing a crooked bruiser whose Gaelic brogue is hilariously incomprehensible to everyone. "Snatch" this punchy, black-humored romp through London's criminal underbelly - before someone else does.

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Director Guy Ritchie