My Left Foot

What's it About

Jim Sheridan’s film unfolds the Incredible but true story of Irishman Christy Brown (Daniel Day-Lewis), afflicted with severe cerebral palsy who, through sheer will and persistence, finds an outlet as an artist and writer- using just his left foot. Brenda Fricker plays Christie's biggest booster and helpmate, his mother.

Why We Love It

This immensely moving, inspirational tale is carried by a once-in-a-lifetime performance from Day-Lewis, undoubtedly one of the finest, most painstaking feats of acting ever captured on film. Fricker is also outstanding as Mrs. Brown, a woman strong enough to stand by Christy each torturous step of the way. Rarely were two acting Oscars so well earned. Also nominated for Best Picture, Director, and Screenplay, “Foot” is one of those special movies that merits a repeat viewing every few years. You should rediscover this treasure soon.

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Director Jim Sheridan