Four Weddings and a Funeral

What's it About

Handsome, bumbling Charles (Hugh Grant) is always attending the nuptials of his good friends, half-heartedly lamenting his single status with other male acquaintances. He knows the time is right for a committed relationship, but can'’t seem to find the right girl. Then he meets vivacious, free-spirited American Carrie (Andie MacDowell), who keeps popping up at the same weddings, and finds his entrenched bachelor mindset under siege...

Why We Love It

One of Britain’'s biggest box-office hits, Mike Newell’'s witty, urbane romantic comedy features Hugh Grant in a star-making turn as the waggish, commitment-phobic Brit who falls for a foxy Yank. Supported by Kristin Scott Thomas (who plays Grant’'s secretly enamored pal, Fiona), McDowell and Grant have a charmingly spirited and mischievous rapport that audiences loved. Newell'’s deft handling of Richard Curtis'’s sharp script helped "“Four Weddings"” earn an Oscar nod for Best Picture.

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